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Information for the paper model contest


Deadline is almost one month away from now!
Deadline is 31st July (Japan time).

We have received some of your works, however, it seems there are some misunderstandings about this contest. If you downloaded a PDF file “Announcement of paper model contest for end users”, you would see the lines below.


It is a competition of not only modeling skills but also for the ideas to make the photos unique and interesting.
So, finishing it clean and neat are essential, and your unique idea to make a photo interesting is a key to win this competition.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask by sending a mail to

Entry sheet
We have prepared an entry sheet to submit the picture of each participant. Please download this entry sheet and input all the information required and send it with a picture of your work to
It is important where the participants purchased the paper models from because the sending address of the winning prize would be federation, club, or shop.

entry sheet.xlsx
entry sheet

Please download the English instruction for a paper model.

Infinity Paper Craft instruction.pdf
Infinity Paper Craft instruction

Detailed pictures and tips arrive!

Detailed pictures of the paper model.pdf
Detailed pictures of the paper model

This is extremely challenging. We strongly recommend you to fit the parts before you glue them together to understand its shape. It takes you for 5 hours to 2 days to finish it. Good luck!


 - SAN-EI , ,


SAN-EI donate to the Fence cover for disaster toward the Kumamoto Table tennis table Association.

SAN-EI Corporation donate to our commodity as Fence cover for disaster toward the Kumamoto Table Tennis Association. We pray for early recovery of Kumamoto from our hearts.

SAN-EI Corporation Official Blog Open!!

SAN-EI Corporation Official Blog Open!!

SAN-EI supported sports support program in Nairobi, Kenya.

KTTA(Kenya Table Tennis Assosiation), MYSA(Mathare Youth Sports), TIAS(Tsukuba International Academy for Sports Studies) were held Table tennis event in Nirobi, Kenya. Their activity is provide a dream thru sports for girls living in the favela. SAN-EI supported them by a …

SAN-EI infinity was published in the World Table Tennis September 2016.(latter part)

The special feature latter part of our infinity was published in the World Table Tennis September 2016 (issued on 21st July). Find it out from Book store or World Table Tennis website. <Related links> World Table Tennis September 2016 Table …

Announcement of the head office relocation

On May 21st, our head office has moved to the current headquarters location. The head office address, Chiba Prefecture Nagareyama Higashihatsuishi 6-chome address 182 1 (new C69 city block 7) SAN-EI Corporation

SAN-EI Table tennis table are published in the Asashi Shimbun.

SAN-EI Table tennis table is published in the Asashi Shimbun issued on 6th-Apr 2016.

The airticle of our table tennis table has been published in Yomiuri Shimbun.

The airticle about SAN-EI table tennis table has been published in the Yomiuri Shinbum pn 31st-May,2016

Thank you for coming to our exhibition at Tortona design week.

Tortona design week 2017 was being held on 4th to 9th April. SAN-EI opened Ping Pong Café Barchetta and we displayed an infinity table. Visitors enjoyed play ping pong. Visitors were interested in the art racket exhibition and over 700 …

Pan Am TORONTO 2015 opening!

July 20 0:00 Japan time July 19 11 O’clock local time, the first game began. For this tournament, we supply 4 Centre Courts, 20 general table tennis table (Absolute-w Advanced), Centre Court fences etc. SAN-EI [Les yeux bleus] Table Tennis …

Our chairman Toshiaki Miura has been honored as an industry contributor from Nagareyama

Our chairman Toshiaki Miura is, are evaluated contributed to achievements in the development of Nagareyama, and has been honored as 2015 fiscal industry contributor based in Nagareyama commendation regulations.