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About us


Since San-Ei established in 1962, we have been enjoying creating the products, supplying and servicing them to all the people who wish to be HAPPY throughout the Sports, Landscape and Outdoor activity. So that, we ought to produce SAFE, ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY and EASY OPERATION equipment to make all users HAPPY.

We are always focusing on our customers + society’s wants!


Our Business

SAN-EI’s businesses are in the field of Sporting Goods, Play Equipment, Park Furniture, Fitness and Stadium Equipment and Maintenance service for all these Equipment. Especially, we are a leading manufacturer of table tennis table and table tennis rerated products. The market share of the table tennis table is more than 70 % in Japan including our own brand and OEM. We have supported both international and domestic major table tennis events including Olympic Games and the World Table Tennis Championships as following.


Heritage and Achievements

SAN-EI began business in 1962 as a manufacturer of wooden products in Japan. Since then, we have gained and improved our knowledge of manufacturing table tennis tables, play equipment and park furniture. In the table tennis table business, we have developed Super Plied Core Board, original SAN-EI blue color for the table top, and launched specially designed center court table to the international Championships in our history. SAN-EI has supported and been an official equipment supplier at the following international events hosted by the International Table Tennis Federation.

*1991 World Table Tennis Championships. Chiba in 1991
*the Olympic Table Tennis Tournament. Barcelona in 1992
*2001 World Table Tennis Championships. Osaka in 2001
*H.I.S. 2009 World Table Tennis Championships. Yokohama in 2009
*ZEN-NOH 2014 World Table Tennis Championships. Tokyo in 2014

We also has been supported All Japan Championships for 40 years since 1974.

We acquired the ISO 9001:2008 certification (Quality Management System) in 2000 and the ISO 14001:2004 certification (Environmental Management System) in 2011.