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<To the next stage> Additional models are now available


We release now additional 2 models on [Les yeux bleus] series.
Same as other models, those are approved by JTTA and ITTF as well.
With these Flagship Models by new color, [Les yeux bleus], has full line for your needs.




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SAN-EI supported sports support program in Nairobi, Kenya.

KTTA(Kenya Table Tennis Assosiation), MYSA(Mathare Youth Sports), TIAS(Tsukuba International Academy for Sports Studies) were held Table tennis event in Nirobi, Kenya. Their activity is provide a dream thru sports for girls living in the favela. SAN-EI supported them by a …

SAN-EI supported Nanairo-Ekiden that organaized by TIAS.

SAN-EI supported Nanairo-Ekiden RIO 2016 that organaized by TIAS. Organaised by International Association of Athletics Federations(IAAF), Tsukuba International Accademy Sport Studies (TIAS) Supported by Brazilian Paralympic Committee(TBC), Non-Violence project Foundation, SAN-EI Corporation. <Related Links> OLYMPIC LEGACY PASSED ON TO YOUTH …

Zushi coast even is over with a great success!

July 20 Marine Day, with perfect sunny day, the event is held and over successfuly. We thank to all the people visited. <Related links> Related article from the Table Tennis Kingdom, “table tennis can be enjoyed outside!” Table tennis at …

“Mori no Night Cafe” article is published in the Asahi Shimbun.

“Mori no Night Cafe” article is published in the Asahi Shimbun. Asahi Shimbun (Chiba version) July 31, 2015

Tortona Design Week 2017 is being held now.

Today is the first public day and we have an event “Racquet painting”. There are far more visitors than we expect, and there are some people whom we think they are professionals. Yes, this is “Tortona DESING Week”! Our preparation …

SAN-EI Les yeux bleus has been adoped in Shibuya Ping Pong Café.

SAN-EI 15 tables with Les yeux bleus has been adoped in Shibuya Ping Pong Café. Absolute-w with special version 15 tables and one shou coat table “the earth”that had been adoped in WTTC Tokyo 2014. <Related links> Shibuya Ping Pong …

SAN-EI supported the 2016 Olympic Legends vs Brazil Stars

SAN-EI supported the 2016 Olympic Legends vs Brazil Stars that held by ITTF. Hugo Calderano who is the new star of Brazil beat both Wang Liquin and Jean-Michel Saive. The event was very excited. Please see Official ITTF Channel by …

Donations to children

We donate 10 table tennis tables to the Ootaka no Mori elementary and junior high schools. The article is published on the sixth page of Kouhou Nagareyama June 21, 2015 issue.

SAN-EI Latin Cup was held.

SAN-EI Latin Cup was held in Piracicaba, Brazil on 10th ~ 11th June, 2016. CBTM(Confederacao Brasileira de Tenis de Mesa) distributed the video date. <Related links> Brazilian table tennis confederation CBTM Facebook CBTM ? Confederacao Brasileira de Tenis de Mesa …

SAN-EI supported T2 Asia-Pacific Table Tennis League in Malaysia.

It was the first professional league match around the Asia-Pacific region. A rule is a special rule different from the normal table tennis. Mizutani and Harimoto participate in this league from Japan. League: T2 Asia-Pacific Table Tennis League Locate: Malaysia …