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Tortona Design Week 2017 is being held now.


Today is the first public day and we have an event “Racquet painting”. There are far more visitors than we expect, and there are some people whom we think they are professionals. Yes, this is “Tortona DESING Week”!




Our preparation for Tortona Design Week is started from 28th March. The Place is via Tortona 19, Milan. It is located close to the station “Staz. Porta Genova” of subway M2, and you only take about 10 minute walk.


The closest bridge over a railway is closed. In about 3 minute of walk, you see that a railway is closed and becomes pedestrian walk to via Tortona.


Almost all the buildings on the street are 200 to 300 years old.


We start to make a big board which we use to post painted blades. First of all, we paint the boards white and decide all the locations where the painted blades are hang precisely. In time, Olympic and Paralympic show court table “Infinity” is delivered. The visitors will enjoy ping-pong with this gorgeous table!


This time, we propose Infinity table as a table in your kitchen or living room. The table has a table top in black. The table of course can be used for table tennis playing. The most of items are placed as they supports to be, and the final view of our shop is getting clearer.


Finally it is completed. The preparation takes full days of the day before the event starts. From the near time of its completion, many people stop their feet to see inside of our shop. On 3rd April, there is a press-day which is limited open day for media. The next day, 4th April, we open for the public.


After the final day is over, we find a sign pole is placed at the closest station mentioned before. The number 6 is the place of our shop on the map. If you had any chance to come closer to Milan, we would like you to visit our shop and enjoy Ping-Pong with the table used for both Olympic and Paralympic.


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2015 Financial Summary and company profile have been updated

We have updated the Financial Summary and the company profile due to the head office relocation. 2015 Fiscal Period Summary Company profile

SAN-EI infinity was published in the Rinen to Keiei. (No. August,2016)

“infinity”that is the table tennis table for Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic was published in the “Rinen to Keiei”(No. August, 2016)that is a magazine about management.

The article about SAN-EI table tennis table has been published in SANKEI DIGITAL, NIKKEY SHIMBUM, Kyodo News.

The article about SAN-EI table tennis table has been published in SANKEI DIGITAL, NIKKEY SHIMBUM, Kyodo News. Check the SANKEI DIGITAL article out. Check the NIKKEY SHIMBUM article out. Check the Kyodo News article out.

The airticle of our table tennis table has been published in Yomiuri Shimbun.

The airticle about SAN-EI table tennis table has been published in the Yomiuri Shinbum pn 31st-May,2016

For acquisition of shares of Nittai

We have done a management integration of Nittai (Headquarters: Nagano prefecture. A representative director, Shin Miura) and acquire all shares to make it a related company. Nittai Overview Trade name Nittai Representative Miura Shin Headquarters Oaza Kazama 2034, Nagano city, …

Zushi coast even is over with a great success!

July 20 Marine Day, with perfect sunny day, the event is held and over successfuly. We thank to all the people visited. <Related links> Related article from the Table Tennis Kingdom, “table tennis can be enjoyed outside!” Table tennis at …

SAN-EI supported T2 Asia-Pacific Table Tennis League in Malaysia.

It was the first professional league match around the Asia-Pacific region. A rule is a special rule different from the normal table tennis. Mizutani and Harimoto participate in this league from Japan. League: T2 Asia-Pacific Table Tennis League Locate: Malaysia …

SAN-EI supported sports support program in Nairobi, Kenya.

KTTA(Kenya Table Tennis Assosiation), MYSA(Mathare Youth Sports), TIAS(Tsukuba International Academy for Sports Studies) were held Table tennis event in Nirobi, Kenya. Their activity is provide a dream thru sports for girls living in the favela. SAN-EI supported them by a …

Our table tennis table will be broadcast in Tokyo morning news program.

Our table tennis table has been installed in front of “Namiaru? Beach House”, Zushi coast. News Morning Satellite June 26 (Friday) 5:45 to 6:40

Information for the paper model contest

Deadline is almost one month away from now! Deadline is 31st July (Japan time). We have received some of your works, however, it seems there are some misunderstandings about this contest. If you downloaded a PDF file “Announcement of paper …